Wastebin / Bird Bag overview.

The Wastebin and Bird bag both drop Monday 5.20.19 at 10AM PST! If you are reading this then you already know this and youre just here for the shitty video posted below! IF you didn’t know that , now you do! The dimensions of the Wastebin are as follows , 20″x10″4″ and is designed to […]

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Sub gun bag.

Everyone wants a bigger bag.. We wanted a smaller bag, enter the Wastebin. Coming in at 20″x10″x4″ this is the sub gun bag that we came up with to be used with small rifles and most of the current sub guns on the market.   side by side with the Trashbag. Trashbags come in at […]

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Its about time we start pushing the blog since Instagram is a shit location to post cool shit. Then again if you are reading this then you are in the know and have been looking at skate and bmx mags since you were younger. Anyways , to kick off the start of blogging more and […]


Plain Jane Trash Bag

If you are one of the few people who read the blog post on the website than you will be lucky to see the first non teaser photo of the new black trash bag in ballistic nylon. ¬†Anyways here it is and dont think that there isn’t also a sandwich bag going with it. ¬†because […]

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